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Our Service
We strive to develop long term relationship with our clients; somebody you can rest assure to take care of your recruitment needs. We offer recruitment services in all industries with our focus in:
We are proactive and resourceful in helping you to find  the candidates of your choice. We maintain a live, up-to-date and extensive database of professionals specialising in a vast diversity of industries. We utilise the most effective advertising media and means to let you focus on your business at large.

We personally interview all candidates to determine their strengths, weaknesses, expectations and aspirations. We rigorously assess our candidates to find the best matches for both parties. This is where the years of management and personnel experience of our team come into play. We will submit to you our critiques of the candidates for your reference.

We conduct reference checks on all our candidates when possible. This is the most effective means of screening and verifying facts to ascertain the candidate’s past job experience, strengths, weaknesses and work attitude from previous employer. (This requires prior approval from the candidate. In most cases, this is performed after an offer is made to the candidate conditional upon the reference check).

We will consider all information received from you to be confidential. Information from you will be released only upon your consent and solely for the purpose of recruitment.

We will continue to monitor the new employee’s progress for the length of the guarantee period. If the candidate leaves your company for any reason other than redundancy within the guarantee period, we will undertake to find you a satisfactory replacement. 

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